Salmon Run Nature Park


City of Issaquah


Issaquah, Washington

The Watershed Company led a large design and construction effort to restore fish and wildlife habitat in Issaquah Creek and create a new 3.7-acre nature park. Watershed’s effort included stream channel and floodplain restoration, stormwater infrastructure repair, passive recreation design, interpretive signs, and overall habitat improvements. When finished, the project will restore the site's riparian and aquatic habitat for thousands of fish.

Located a mile or so below the Issaquah Salmon Hatchery, the park’s redesign provides a setting where people can observe these fish from trails and viewpoints in a near-natural setting. The project also addresses salmon recovery objectives identified in the WRIA 8 Chinook Salmon Conservation Plan and is consistent with the City's environmental restoration and protection policies. Watershed worked closely with the City of Issaquah and adjacent business owners throughout project design and construction. Following construction, Watershed has continued to work with the City, as well as Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust, to manage monitoring and maintenance of these creek and planting improvements. Interpretive signs were designed and installed that educate visitors on the different restoration techniques employed, as well as the City's ongoing efforts to improve its salmon populations.


A video highlighting one of the volunteer planting parties.

10/28/2016, Issaquah | Sammamish Reporter, "Salmon Run Nature Park's Transformation Nearly Complete."

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