Our focus on science and design enables us to apply our scientific expertise and regulatory knowledge to a range of project types. Here are examples that include our firm's interdisciplinary collaboration with engineering partners.

Odle Middle School

Our ecologists and landscape designers helped Bellevue School District identify and account for two wetlands, providing a restoration plan that improved the area’s habitat and enabled the District to build new facilities for the school community. Learn More →                                                                                  

Seattle Humane 

We worked with Seattle Humane staff and project architects to permit and design a new facility and landscape that matched the area’s natural character, including new forested trails and overlooks that improve accessibility and offer a unique real-world setting for training adoptable dogs.   Learn More →

Darrington Trail

The Washington Department of Natural Resources sought to protect the mature tree stands and critical areas in its new trail system. Our inventory, assessment, and regulatory compliant trail design will help showcase the land’s natural beauty while protecting its wetlands and streams. Learn More →


Whispering Willow Park and Lyon Creek Waterfront Park

We provided design and permitting for the creation of a new city park and renovation of an existing park at the outfall to Lake Washington. Learn More →                                             

East Link Extension

Our scientists provided extensive assessment, permitting, and mitigation design in support of Sound Transit's extension of rail lines from Seattle's International District to the Puget Sound's Eastside.  Learn More →

Energize Eastside

We have provided assessment, permitting, and tree inventory services in support of Puget Sound Energy’s effort to reinforce the backbone of the Eastside’s transmission system. Learn More →

The Watershed Company's design and permitting helped the City alleviate downtown flooding, included the upgrade of four undersized culverts, regrading of over 500 linear feet of stream channel

Lyon Creek Culvert Replacement and stream restoration

Working as a subconsultant to an engineering prime, our design and permitting helped the City alleviate downtown flooding, including the upgrade of four undersized culverts and regrading of over 500 linear feet of stream channel. Learn More →

The Watershed Company provides residential shoreline design to private clients across Washington.

Residential Shoreline Design

We balance the three essential aspects of green shorelines – access, aesthetics, and habitat. Our experience includes the design and permitting of more than 120 shoreline projects at residential and park scales. Learn More →

The Watershed Company provides interpretive design and scientific expertise to clients across Washington.

Interpretive Design Projects

Our interpretive signage uses colorful modern illustrations and clear language to explain scientific concepts, highlight historical and cultural features, improve wayfinding, and inspire visitors to take action. Learn More →