Creating Beautiful Views and Restoring Natural Functions

We collaborate with clients, engineers, architects, and other landscape architects to create enduring shoreline designs that benefit our clients and restore natural functions for our communities. We carefully shape the water's edge to provide a stable and more natural shoreline as well as accentuate water access and views. Our team works closely with permitting agencies to ensure the project is approved and soundly constructed.

The City of Seattle notably featured our shoreline restoration work in its Green Shorelines guide for homeowners considering bulkhead removal. We also helped design and permit one of the first projects accredited by the state's Green Shores for Homes program.

OUR residential shoreline design SERVICES INCLUDE:

  • Beach Cove Design
  • Bulkhead and Rip-Rap Removal
  • Dock Repair Mitigation and Permitting
  • Green Shoreline Design
  • Mitigation for Shoreline Buffer Reduction
  • Native Vegetation Design (upland and emergent)
  • Shoreline Softening
  • Shoreline Landscaping
  • Shoreline Stabilization

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7 Naturalized Shoreline Design Ideas_The Watershed Company

7 Design ideas to enhance your shoreline

There are plenty of ways to naturalize your shoreline. Which one is right for you? 

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