Washington State Parks Wetland Restoration Opportunities Assessment

Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission
Western and Eastern Washington State

The Watershed Company’s accurate assessment of critical area restoration opportunities at 17 State parks in Western and Eastern Washington allowed Parks to evaluate the potential of generating mitigation credits for sale. Biologists used an adapted version of the Washington State Wetland Rating System to evaluate the possible benefits of restoration on water quality, hydrology, and habitat. An extensive report included assessment and rough mapping of all critical areas at each property, restoration recommendations, and quantitative evaluation of restoration benefits.

GIS map of wetland restoration and enhancement opportunities

Map of restoration opportunities at a state park

Bottle Beach State Park was one of the properties assessed.

Map of state parks assessed for restoration potential

Parks assessed for critical areas restoration opportunities.

Chart of potential improvements in wetland quality through restoration

Biologists assessed the potential gain in wetland quality based on restoration suggestions.

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