Multidisciplinary environmental consultants

Sustainable solutions in Washington State through mitigation, restoration, and planning. Learn More

Public resource restoration design

Design for public spaces that complements and restores natural systems. Learn More

Landscape architecture

Seattle-area landscape design in concert with nature. Learn More

River and stream restoration

Solutions that improve fish habitat and stabilize banks. Learn More

Environmental planning

Helping Washington jurisdictions meet requirements while satisfying the community. Learn More

water conservation interpretive sign installed

Interpretive sign design

Interpreting ecology and low-impact development projects nationwide. Learn More

Green shoreline design

Enhancing Puget Sound area shorelines for people and fish. Learn More

  • Wetlands

    Protecting wetlands while enabling responsible development

  • Rivers & Streams
    Rivers & Streams

    Improving habitat for fish and wildlife and solving flooding issues

  • Shorelines

    Balancing access, aesthetics, and habitat to create green shorelines

  • Watersheds

    Supporting large-scale environmental planning

  • Fish & Wildlife
    Fish & Wildlife

    Studying, documenting, and improving habitat for fish and wildlife

  • Governments

    Offering efficient services to Cities, Counties and State agencies and NGOs

  • Engineers

    Providing a suite of in-house services for engineering firms

  • Architects

    Helping architects achieve their vision for each site

  • Homeowners

    Show-stopping landscape designs and mitigation cut through red tape

  • Tribes

    Balancing the needs of development with preservation, creating sustainable environmental legacies

  • Utilities & Industry
    Utilities & Industry

    Helping to build a better tomorrow, sustainably

  • Commercial

    Helping developers create site opportunities

Another Successful Fish Relocation Season Comes to a Close

09/28/2016 - It’s the end of the Fish Relocation and Removal season and what a time it was! Read More

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