Puget Sound Energy Transmission Line Mitigation and Monitoring

Puget Sound Energy (http://pse.com/ )
King County, near Redmond, WA

To meet growing power demands, Puget Sound Energy successfully constructed a $17 million transmission expansion project at an expedited schedule through creative and technical support by The Watershed Company. 

Staff biologists efficiently delineated and assessed 14 wetlands and 3 fish-bearing streams across the 8-mile site using high precision GPS receiver units. GIS analysts then combined PSE archival survey records with field-collected GPS data to assess project impacts, identify mitigation opportunities, and produce high-functioning restoration design that met all federal, State, and local permit requirements.

Throughout construction, biologists ensured that conservation measures and best management practices were employed. The interdisciplinary team continues to use the primary GPS data to guide their post-construction monitoring efforts of mitigation performance, as well as maintenance suggestions.

Wetland mitigation pond near transmission lines

Wetland delineation was conducted under eight miles of transmission lines.

Biologist monitoring vegetation

Biologists assessed performance of plant survival and wildlife use.

Woody debris retained in wetland near power station

Watershed staff oversaw construction to ensure best management practices were employed.

Large woody debris under powerlines

Trees beneath the powerlines were salvaged as snags.

Staff monitored stream crossings to ensure compliance

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