Northshore Summit Park

Kenmore, WA

Winner of the 2015 Seattle ASCE Local Outstanding Civil Engineering Award for Best Small Project.

The Watershed Company’s landscape architecture team designed and oversaw construction of this 3.7-acre neighborhood park nestled in a quiet, residential community of Kenmore. 

The popular park, which contains a wetland and large patches of native forest, was supported by an active local community. The community desired a range of amenities such as playgrounds and passive-use trails, but also had privacy concerns.  The Watershed Company worked with the city, the project engineer, and the community to balance the needs of residents with the sensitivities of the environmental features.

The completed park features a re-contoured landscape, playgrounds, picnic areas, crushed surface trails, a level lawn, and extensive planting including an edible landscape area.

“The residents love their park”

                Marc Connelly, Parks Project Manager, City of Kenmore

Partner: Osborn Consulting Inc.

Purple foliage complements orange flowers beside a path.

Overlooking playground

Lush plantings divide lawn from play areas.

Blueberries by play area

Blueberries offer edible enticements and attract birds.

Playground plantings

A cove of plantings arcs around a new play area.

Park entry at Northshore Summit Park

Paths guide walkers past planted areas, a large lawn, mitigation area, and playgrounds.

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