Kitsap County Green Stormwater Infrastructure Interpretive Signs

Kitsap County Public Works (
Kitsap County, WA

New interpretive signage designed for Kitsap County Public Works enhances citizen awareness of County programs to improve stormwater facilities and educates viewers about green stormwater techniques they can use at home. The Watershed Company initially designed two interpretive signs highlighting stormwater ponds and bioretention swales at the Public Works offices.

Pleased with the first two signs, the County commissioned adaptations of the original signs as well as three additional green stormwater infrastructure signs to be installed at projects with permeable paving, bioretention cells and rain gardens, and green street infrastructure. The Watershed Company also provided updated layouts and graphics for five existing interpretive signs at the Haselwood YMCA. Topics included permeable paving, rain garden design, rain garden function, and water saving options for home gardens. All interpretive signs use custom illustrations and an eye-catching, contemporary look to attract readers.

Bioswale interpretive sign in situ

An interpretive sign explains a large bioswale in Kitsap County. Photo by Kitsap County Public Works.

Bioretention cell (raingarden) interpretive sign

Digital rain garden illustration with native vegetation

Detail of custom rain garden illustration.

Interpretive sign explaining how permeable pavement works

Stormwater pond interpretive sign designed for Kitsap County

A profile and plan view of stormwater ponds explains how they function

Detail of stormwater pond illustrations.

Interpretive sign highlighting green features used on Kitsap County streets

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"Thank you again to you and your team for all your work on the interpretive signs. The designs are very engaging, and will provide good information about stormwater facilities throughout Kitsap County."

Liz Satterthwaite
Kitsap County Public Works