Bellevue Botanical Garden Wetland

Bellevue, WA

Bellevue’s 53-acre Botanical Garden is a community treasure but its aging visitor center and an undersized parking lot were in need of an upgrade in order to host a growing calendar of educational and charity events.  The planned expansion impacted natural wetlands at the garden, requiring mitigation to meet local and State and Federal regulations.  A multidisciplinary team from The Watershed Company led landscape design and permitting for a highly-visible created wetland outside of the Visitors Center and new perimeter plantings adjacent to the redesigned parking lot.  The 5500-square-foot created wetland has become a centerpiece at the gardens, replacing an existing wetland of lower ecological value.  Its open water areas, colorful, sweeping swaths of shrubs, perennials, groundcover and emergent are highly visible from the new buildings and have become an educational feature.  The Watershed Company coordinated with the architect and engineer on the project to create a cohesive design for this soon-to-be certified LEED project.  Scientists are now monitoring the wetland for hydrological and vegetation success. 

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