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  • Arborist Services

    Arborist Services

    In-house arborist services to support permitting and site planning

    Key Services: Tree inventories • Tree risk assessments • Tree retention plans • Construction monitoring • Vegetation screening assessment • Pruning consultations • Planting plans • Arborist report for tree removal permit • Hazard tree assessment for homeowners

  • Assessment


    Documentation for decision-making

    Key Services: Ordinary High Water Mark determinations • Water quality monitoring • Stream or wetland classification • Wetland reconnaissance • Streambank stability assessment • Feasibility studies

  • Biological Evaluations

    Biological Evaluations

    Helping clients meet ESA requirements quickly

    Key Services: Biological Assessments • Biological Evaluations

  • Commercial & Mixed-Use Landscapes

    Commercial & Mixed-Use Landscapes

    Large-scale sustainable landscape design in Seattle and Washington State

    Key Services: Conceptual plans and site analysis • Green roof and green wall design • Bioswale design • P-patch and urban agriculture design • Green Stormwater Infrastructure assistance • LEED compliance • Green Factor • Project management • Public Meeting Assistance and Presentations • Construction Drawings, Details, and Planting Plans • Assistance with Contractor Selection and Construction Oversight

  • Electrofishing


    On-call fish removal services

    Key Services: Fish exclusion • Dip netting • Electroshocking • Fish relocation • Flow bypass design • Fish population studies • Stream typing to determine fish presence • HPA-related services

  • Environmental Planning

    Environmental Planning

    Helping communities manage natural resources with science and analysis

    Key Services: Growth Management Act compliance • Critical Areas Ordinance updates • FEMA BiOp compliance assistance • Urban wildlife management planning • Restoration opportunity analysis • Environmental elements of Comprehensive Plans

  • FEMA Habitat Assessment

    FEMA Habitat Assessment

    Habitat assessments for FEMA requirements

    Key Services: FEMA habitat assessment • FEMA floodplain mapping • Mitigation design for floodplain impacts

  • Fish & Wildlife

    Fish & Wildlife

    Studying, documenting, and improving habitat for fish and wildlife

    Key Services: Literature review • Wildlife management plans • Fish and wildlife population studies • Fish and wildlife population monitoring • Invertebrate assessment and B-IBI

  • Fish Passage

    Fish Passage

    Improving fish passage and removing culverts throughout the Pacific Northwest

    Key Services: Culvert replacement • Culvert removal • Dam and dike removal • Assessment of fish passage constraints • Rechannelization

  • GIS Planning and Design

    GIS Planning and Design

    An analytical approach to sound environmental planning and design solutions

  • Green Shorelines

    Green Shorelines

    Enhancing shoreline access, aesthetics, and habitat through bulkhead removal

    Key Services: Bulkhead and rip-rap removal • Shoreline softening • Shoreline landscaping • Beach cove design • Shoreline stabilization • Park shoreline design and permitting • Large woody debris placement • Native upland and emergent vegetation

  • Habitat Assessment

    Habitat Assessment

    Accurate habitat assessments by qualified fish and wildlife professionals

  • In-Lieu Fee Programs

    In-Lieu Fee Programs

    Streamlining permitting for responsible development with basin-wide mitigation

    Key Services: In-Lieu Fee Prospectus Development • In-Lieu Fee Instrument Development • Public participation • Service area definition • Watershed resource analysis • Mitigation project identification, prioritization, design and implementation • Clean Water Act Section 404 compliance

  • Interpretive Design

    Interpretive Design

    Engaging interpretive signs for parks and projects nationwide

    Key Services: Interpretive material design (interpretive signs, handbooks, wayfinding, brochures, etc) • Environmental stewardship guides, trainings, and materials • Interpretive planning and site planning • Nature trail design • Theme development • Interpretive writing • Interpretive graphics • Custom illustration • Kiosks and structures • Production method and material consultation

  • Landscape Architecture

    Landscape Architecture

    Ecological, interdisciplinary landscape architecture in the Seattle Metropolitan Area

  • Mitigation


    Enabling responsible development with wetland mitigation

    Key Services: Wetland mitigation design • Buffer mitigation and enhancement

  • Monitoring


    Helping clients meet regulatory compliance

    Key Services: Mitigation compliance monitoring • Pre-construction monitoring • Maintenance recommendations • Intertebrate assessment and B-IBI • Fish presence • Bird and mammal surveys • Site hydrology • Native plant cover and invasive weed presence • Water quality • USFS Level II Habitat Surveys

  • Non-Traditional Mitigation

    Non-Traditional Mitigation

    Generating mitigation credit through non-traditional approaches

    Key Services: Restoration credits, including DSAY credit calculation • Mitigation banking • Conservation banking for endangered species • Mega-project mitigation

  • On-Call Permitting and Environmental Services

    On-Call Permitting and Environmental Services

    Responsive, accurate environmental services as you need them

    Key Services: “Third Party” review of critical area projects • Stream or wetland classification • Water quality monitoring • Ordinary High Water Mark determinations • Expert witness testimony on critical areas issues • Construction oversight

  • Parks, Trails and Recreation

    Parks, Trails and Recreation

    Recreational facilities in sync with nature

    Key Services: Park master planning • Trail route design • Wayfinding • Playground design • Sustainable and low-impact site planning • Rain garden and bioswale design

  • Permitting


    Permitting guidance to smooth and speed the approval process

    Key Services: EIS discipline reports • Section 7 Consulting • Hydraulic Project Approval for WDFW • Section 401 Water Quality Certification, Coastal Zone Management Determination for WA DOE • Section 404 permits and Section 10 permits for Corps • Section 106 National Historic Preservation Act compliance • Authorization to Use State Owned Aquatic Lands for WA DNR • NEPA & SEPA compliance • Critical area development permit alternatives • Shoreline Substantial Development Permits, Exemptions and Variances • Water right withdrawals

  • Residential Landscape Design

    Residential Landscape Design

    Beautiful, sustainable garden design in the Seattle area

    Key Services: Schematic and master landscape plans • Detailed planting design • Entertainment features such as outdoor kitchens, outdoor showers, infinity pools, fire pits, and built-in spas • Accent features like fountains and custom steel art • Hardscape and built-elements such as patios, walkways, sitting walls, decks, and trellises • Native and drought-tolerant plant palettes • Rain garden design • Grading and drainage • Assistance with contractor selection and construction oversight

  • Residential Shoreline Design

    Residential Shoreline Design

    Enhancing shoreline use for Washington homeowners

    Key Services: Bulkhead and rip-rap removal • Shoreline softening • Shoreline landscaping • Beach cove design • Dock repair mitigation and permitting • Mitigation for shoreline buffer reduction • Construction oversight

  • Restoration


    Improving habitat and restoring function for streams, rivers and shorelines

    Key Services: Stream restoration design • Habitat restoration design • Prioritization of restoration opportunities

  • River Restoration

    River Restoration

    River restoration and modeling that recognizes community needs

    Key Services: River restoration • HEC-RAS modeling • Site acquisition and negotiation • Side channel creation • Dike breaches • Plans and specifications • Bid and award assistance and construction management

  • Rivers & Streams

    Rivers & Streams

    Improving habitat for fish and wildlife and solving flooding issues

    Key Services: Stream classification • Stream buffer mitigation design • Ordinary High Water Mark identification • Streambank stability assessment • Bank stabilization design

  • Shoreline Master Program Updates

    Shoreline Master Program Updates

    We have helped 40+ Washington jurisdictions update their Shoreline Master Programs

    Key Services: Shoreline Characterization and Analysis Report • Restoration Plan • Cumulative Impacts Analysis • Public involvement

  • Shorelines


    Balancing access, aesthetics, and habitat to create green shorelines

    Key Services: Ordinary High Water Mark identification • Shoreline stabilization • Dredging coordination and permitting

  • Site Planning

    Site Planning

    Maximizing the development potential of every site

    Key Services: Feasibility studies

  • Water Resources

    Water Resources

    Water resource solutions for people and wildlife

    Key Services: Design and calculations • SWMM Modeling • Hydraulic design • TESC plan • HEC-RAS modeling • WWHM modeling • Stormwater planning • Stream bank and shoreline stabilization • Cost estimates • Specifications • Civil3D drawing • Construction Management • Certified erosion and sediment control • Dredging coordination and permitting

  • Watersheds


    Supporting large-scale environmental planning

    Key Services: Environmental restoration and mitigation prioritization • Shoreline Master Program updates • Critical Areas Ordinance updates • Urban wildlife management

  • Wetland and Stream Delineation

    Wetland and Stream Delineation

    Accurate, efficient wetland delineation

    Key Services: Wetland delineation • Wetland reconnaissance • Stream classification • King County Preferred Wetland Consultants List • Pierce County Preferred Wetland Consultants List

  • Wetlands


    Protecting wetlands while enabling responsible development

    Key Services: Wetland reconnaissance • Expert witness testimony on critical areas issues • Feasibility assessment • Critical Areas Ordinances • Wetland inventories

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