Park and Trail Design

Recreational facilities in sync with nature

We believe that habitat and recreation can coexist and enhance one another. Parks and trails raise environmental awareness, promote protection, and are part of healthy lifestyles and a sustainable future.

We provide services on both the design and environmental sides of park development, providing efficiencies that save money for parks resource managers. From park master planning to interpretive sign design to mitigation design to wetland and stream restoration, we can help you create designs that are in sync with nature.

Our Park Master Planning Process

Site Analysis

Our landscape architects start with a site visit to assess existing conditions at the park, as well as opportunities and challenges to consider during design. Biologists delineate wetlands, streams, and shorelines, as well as assess restoration opportunities. We discuss your goals for the park and can gather public feedback as desired. We identify interpretive themes.

Conceptual Park Master Plan

Incorporating your feedback and input from the public, we create conceptual park plans that lay out approximate locations of trails, restoration areas, and park features. Our plans minimize environmental impacts and make your wetlands and streams park features. We can also create graphic renderings of the proposed park design.

Final Park Plan

Last, we finalize the park plans, creating final planting plans and grading plans that incorporate trails and restoration or mitigation elements. We site wayfinding and interpretive signage. We assist with final permitting through the design process, then can help with bidding and construction oversight.

Work with Us!

We help clients across Washington State, from cities to state agencies, prepare for park development. For park master planning, trail design, and interpretive design, call Amber. For help with environmental aspects of park development, like wetland delineation or restoration design, call Jenni.

  • Park master planning
  • Trail route design
  • Wayfinding
  • Playground design
  • Sustainable and low-impact site planning
  • Rain garden and bioswale design
  • Interpretive Design
    Interpretive Design

    Engaging interpretive signs for parks and projects nationwide

  • Site Planning
    Site Planning

    Maximizing the development potential of every site

  • Landscape Architecture
    Landscape Architecture

    Ecological, interdisciplinary landscape architecture in the Seattle Metropolitan Area

  • Restoration

    Improving habitat and restoring function for streams, rivers and shorelines

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