Jenni Creveling

Jenni Creveling, PWS

Principal and senior Wetland/Wildlife biologist

Jenni is a principal and a senior wetland and wildlife biologist with over 30 years of experience studying and enhancing Washington State’s habitats and wildlife. She applies her rich understanding of Washington State’s environment to guide our clients through the complexities of resource assessment, mitigation development, and environmental permitting. Her thorough documentation and highly communicative approach has helped recreation, utility, and natural resource agencies across Washington cost-effectively permit and plan project improvements.

Outside of Watershed

Jenni can be found wandering the mountains of the Pacific Northwest, kayaking in the San Juans, or investigating tide pools along the Oregon Coast.


  • BS, Biology, Western Washington University, 1978


  • Professional Wetland Scientist (PWS), Society of Wetland Scientists
  • Using the Revised Washington State Wetland Rating System in Western Washington, 2016
  • Arid West Supplement Wetland Delineation Training, 2007
  • Wetland Mitigation Banking in Washington State, 2006