salmon in restored stream

Tribal Governments

Balancing the needs of development with preservation, creating sustainable environmental legacies

The Watershed Company understands the value and role natural resources play in First People’s heritage and business. Years of experience with the special needs of tribal government help create projects that respect dual goals of protection and development.

  • Fish Passage
    Fish Passage

    Improving fish passage and removing culverts throughout the Pacific Northwest

  • Permitting

    Permitting guidance to smooth and speed the approval process

  • Assessment

    Documentation for decision-making

  • Site Planning
    Site Planning

    Maximizing the development potential of every site

  • Landscape Architecture
    Landscape Architecture

    Ecological, interdisciplinary landscape architecture in the Seattle Metropolitan Area

  • Mitigation

    Enabling responsible development with wetland mitigation

  • Restoration

    Improving habitat and restoring function for streams, rivers and shorelines

  • Interpretive Design
    Interpretive Design

    Engaging interpretive signs for parks and projects nationwide

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