Planner taking notes for permit application at a stream crossing

Environmental Permitting

Permitting guidance to smooth and speed the approval process

Our approach to permitting for environmental projects balances advocacy for client goals with a commitment to environmental protection. We use our deep understanding of local, Washington State, and federal government regulations to take the correct approach from the start, saving time and money no matter the project size – from residential to major infrastructure. Our permitting team integrates seamlessly with our scientists and landscape architects to report required information and develop mitigation and restoration plans that can gain agency approval.

See a selected portfolio of our environmental permitting work.

  • EIS discipline reports
  • Section 7 Consulting
  • Hydraulic Project Approval for WDFW
  • Section 401 Water Quality Certification, Coastal Zone Management Determination for WA DOE
  • Section 404 permits and Section 10 permits for Corps
  • Section 106 National Historic Preservation Act compliance
  • Authorization to Use State Owned Aquatic Lands for WA DNR
  • NEPA & SEPA compliance
  • Critical area development permit alternatives
  • Shoreline Substantial Development Permits, Exemptions and Variances
  • Water right withdrawals
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