Non-Traditional Mitigation

Generating mitigation credit through non-traditional approaches

The Watershed Company leads the field in non-traditional methods of mitigation, including mitigation banking, in-lieu fee programs, and restoration credits. Offsite and out-of-kind mitigation projects can enable responsible development for complicated projects and constrained sites. We assist clients across Washington State, both creating mitigation programs on the regulatory side and helping private clients gain mitigation credits for their own development impacts or for sale.

  • Restoration credits, including DSAY credit calculation
  • Mitigation banking
  • Conservation banking for endangered species
  • Mega-project mitigation
  • In-Lieu Fee Programs
    In-Lieu Fee Programs

    Streamlining permitting for responsible development with basin-wide mitigation

  • Mitigation

    Enabling responsible development with wetland mitigation

  • Restoration

    Improving habitat and restoring function for streams, rivers and shorelines

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