Landscape Architecture

Ecological, interdisciplinary landscape architecture in the Seattle Metropolitan Area

We plan and design sustainable environments with a strong foundation in ecology. Our planning and detail-oriented designs restore natural environments and regenerate ecological function. 

Interdisciplinary Landscape Planning and Design

Our multi-disciplinary approach combines environmental and scientific expertise in natural systems with extensive planning, permitting and construction knowledge to design each project efficiently and sustainably. We continuously collaborate with our in-house planners, biologists, and ecologists to form specialized consulting teams. Through this internal collaboration we continually refine our expertise. We form consulting teams for engineers, architects, public agencies, industries and landowners throughout the Pacific Northwest. Our knowledge and experience allows us to provide continuity from planning through design and construction.

Environmentally-minded Landscape Design

We develop low-impact, ecological and habitat-focused landscape designs and planting plans for parks, mixed-use developments, roadways, and trails. We are experienced with the design and installation of plans meeting LEED, SITES, Green Factor, and other sustainability-focused standards.

Park and Trail Design

Wetlands, streams, and shorelines return to vigor with restoration and mitigation designs. Our landscape architects combine client and public feedback with expert opinions from our biologists to create parks and public spaces that integrate critical areas and enhance user experiences. We design amenities like trails and interpretive signage to connect users with nature.

GIS and Site Planning

The analytical power of GIS is an integral design resource to our planning projects.  Our geodesign specialists are trained landscape architects and utilize spatial models and analyses to match land use suitability to each site’s landscape resources and characteristics. This design-with-nature approach provides planners, biologists, and clients a sensible solution in landscape reclamation and shoreline restoration and management.   

Shoreline Restoration and Design

Our shoreline designs balance the need to restore natural function as well as serve as an amenity for our clients, both public and private. We carefully shape the water's edge to provide natural shoreline stabilization as well as waterfront access. We collaborate with clients, engineers, architects and other landscape architects to create enduring project designs. Our team works closely with permitting agencies to ensure the approval and construction of the project.

Interpretive Sign Design

Our interpretive signs draw from our ecological background and experience with low-impact design. Our talented artists produce a custom graphic language for each project, incorporating hand-drafted or computer-based illustration and design cartography to clearly convey complicated environmental topics to lay audiences.

See more project examples in a selected portfolio of landscape architecture projects. 

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