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Geographic Information System (GIS) Planning and Design

An analytical approach to sound environmental planning and design solutions

As a collaborative team of designers, biologists, and planners, we employ a layered and holistic approach to resolve multidisciplinary project challenges. Geospatial technology helps us to understand patterns of growth and development in relationship to the natural environment. Using the analytical power of GIS, we transform geospatial data into relevant information to support planning and design processes. Our specialties include data interpolation and enrichment, analytical modeling, 2D and 3D visualization, and cartographic design that provide¬≠¬≠ solutions to our clients and project partners.   

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GeoDesign: Site Planning and Programming

Coupled with the expertise of our design and planning team, geospatial technology can enrich the quality of land assessment and analysis, site planning and programming, and design opportunity and feasibility studies.  Our approach includes preliminary project evaluation using existing data. Then we use GPS or equivalent mapping technology to supplement data with field science and project-specific information.

Data Enrichment: Spatial modeling and analysis

We develop spatial models that illustrate dynamic ecological processes and help organizations develop sustainable management strategies for natural resources. Whether designed to address an information gap or facilitate environmental analysis, our clients and project partners benefit from our data enrichment services.

Data Visualization

Our designers integrate advanced mapping technology, professional design software, and hand graphics to produce elegant and accurate visualizations, including maps, master plans, and three-dimensional concept renderings. A conceptual visualization that is both informative and illustrative is a powerful tool for conveying design intent, scale, and impact.

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