Skagit County Shoreline Master Program Update

Skagit County Planning and Development Services
Skagit County, WA

The Watershed Company assisted Skagit County, along with the Towns of Hamilton and Lyman, with a major update to its Shoreline Master Program.  This included preparation of a comprehensive Shoreline Characterization and Analysis Report, an updated SMP, Restoration Plan and cumulative impacts analysis. The 3-year effort included the formation of a diverse 17-member Shoreline Advisory Committee facilitated by The Watershed Company, to assist the County‚Äôs Planning Commission with review of policy and regulatory amendments. 

Public outreach included a series of open house and project visioning workshops at various county-wide locations, broad outreach at local community events, as well as targeted stakeholder meetings for more focused interest and feedback. A tri-fold brochure was mailed to residents informing them of the public process. Posters with custom illustrations explained new regulations, and residents could see the effects of the SMP update on their own property using Google Earth.

Gathering public opinions at a visioning workshop in Skagit County

Public outreach was an integral part of the update process

GIS map of Skagit County riparian restoration priorities

GIS mapping of priority areas for riparian restoration.

Tri-fold mailer advertising public process for the SMP update

The firm designed custom mailers for public outreach

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