Lower Nooksack River Floodplain Restoration Planning

Whatcom County
Whatcom County, WA

Prioritized floodplain restoration planning by The Watershed Company team will allow Whatcom County to alleviate flood risks along the lower Nooksack River while benefitting wildlife and fish habitat.

Based on input from stakeholders, the team developed scenarios involving levee removal and setback, roadway modification, and habitat improvements.  Projected flood events are mapped to evaluate the extent and depth of flooding across the landscape and potential risks to infrastructure.  Ecological assessments are used to quantify habitat changes for salmon and waterfowl.  The project team will identify preferred alternatives based on effects on flood risk, habitat, and feasibility. 

Lower Nooksack delta

Diagram of components that will inform the prioritization process

The assessment and prioritization process for the Lower Nooksack project.

Modeled 2 to 4 year flood water depth under the Left Bank Restoration scenario.

Change in the 2 to 4 year flood water depth from existing conditions under the Left Bank Restoration scenario.

Lower river habitat for juvenile salmonids under existing conditions (left) and left bank restoration (right).

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