Kirkland SMP and Shoreline Restoration Plan

City of Kirkland Planning Department
Kirkland, WA

Kirkland was one of the first Lake Washington cities to receive the Department of Ecology's approval for the State-required update to its Shoreline Master Program, relying on expert guidance from The Watershed Company.  Kirkland’s multi-phase project included preparation of a comprehensive analysis of the City’s shoreline, an updated Shoreline Master Program, analysis of cumulative impacts of future growth and changing uses, and a combined programmatic and project-specific Shoreline Restoration Plan.  The Shoreline Restoration Plan evaluated 29 different projects on City-owned shorelines, rating projects based on ecological functions, construction feasibility, and overall public benefits. The City actively utilizes this plan to assist with CIP prioritization and Park restoration planning efforts.  The complete Shoreline Master Program was adopted by the City Council and approved by Ecology in 2010.  Watershed planners and scientists have guided more than 40 jurisdictions in both Eastern and Western Washington through the SMP update process.

Diagram illustrating shoreline restoration to residential homeowners

Diagrams explained how the updated regulations would affect shoreline homeowners.

Green shoreline diagram for waterfront homeowners.

Before and after comparisons of shoreline work.

Profile view of shoreline restoration for a waterfront home

The Firm evaluated all City-owned shorelines for restoration potential

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