Holmes Point Residential Beach Restoration and Landscape

Private residence
Holmes Point, Kirkland, Lake Washington, WA

Owners of a waterfront residence on Holmes Point in Kirkland wanted to restore their shoreline to a more natural state and remove 18,000 square feet of ivy on a steep slope.  Landscape architects designed a native plant shoreline restoration plan and a phased hillside landscape plan that carefully removed ivy over a three-year period and reestablished slope protection with a drought-tolerant plant palette.  Along with the addition of a new infinity-edge pool, the shoreline landscape was re-imagined, framing views of Lake Washington and Mount Rainier with native and drought tolerant trees, shrubs, and perennials.  The homeowners appreciate the low-maintenance plants and creative layout of their outdoor spaces.

Partners: Baylis Architects

Path along Lake Washington shoreline, with daylillies and mature trees

A waterfront pathway connects different areas of the garden

Flowers and plants edge an infinity pool in front of a large waterfront home

Native and ornamental plantings nestle around a new infinity pool near the water's edge

Before the project, ivy and grass filled the landscape

Lush plantings beside an infinity pool on the Lake Washington shoreline

After restoration a new infinity pool overlooks Lake Washington

kids playing in infinity pool surrounded by native plants

Residents were able to install a new pool with a re-imagined landscape.

Stone beach restoration at waterfront house

The restored beach shoreline offers easy water access along with protection from wave action.

Boulders and ferns edge a driveway

Small boulders and plantings line the driveway

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