Chief Joseph Dam Acclimation Pond Permitting and Hatchery Landscape

Colville Confederated Tribes, Bonneville Power Administration (
Okanogan River and Columbia River, WA

Environmental permitting support prevented project delays and enabled the Colville Confederated Tribes and the Bonneville Power Administration to construct a new fish hatchery at Chief Joseph Dam, and several acclimation ponds on the Okanogan River. The properties are serving as final mitigation for construction of Federal dams on the Columbia River. Staff assisted with a last-minute SEPA issue that threatened to delay several permits.

Landscape design by The Watershed Company enhances the hatchery and associated housing and camping facilities, creating a friendly attraction that invites visitors and workers to view and ponder the river landscape.   A barrier-free stone water feature at the entry pays homage to mountains, the source of all rivers. Runoff from the office roof flows into a rain garden for treatment. The Watershed Company provided conceptual and final landscape design, including planting plans and a restoration plant palette.

Partners: Tetra Tech

Entry to the hatchery office

A tree-lined promenade leads to a custom boulder water feature in front of the building

Map showing acclimation pond area.

Three boulder water feature in stone plaza

Water ripples down a custom boulder water feature at the office entrance.

Concept illustration of office entry with fountain.

Conceptual sketch for the original water feature in front of the hatchery office.

Landscape with hatchery office

A path and sitting wall bordering plantings lead the eye to the hatchery office

Full landscape Master Plan

Master Plan for the hatchery landscape, showing restoration and planting areas

A paved pathway guides hatchery visitors to a sitting overlook area.

Plantings in front of water feature

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