Urban Wildlife Habitat Literature Review and Guidance

City of Bellevue Community Planning and Development Department
Bellevue, WA

The Watershed Company was hired for its expertise in wildlife-habitat interactions to complete a comprehensive review of the literature and ongoing research in the field of urban wildlife habitat assessment and management.  Our wildlife biologist reviewed all pertinent literature; consulted local experts from the University of Washington, Audubon Society, and Puget Sound Bird Observatory; and documented findings concisely and thoroughly. The final report (.pdf) defined terms related to the field, presented results of recent and keystone studies, put forth habitat management recommendations for property within the City, analyzed potential impacts of actions in a developing landscape, and used the knowledge accumulated to develop mitigation measures.

In conjunction, The Watershed Company developed the first Functional Assessment Tool for urban wildlife habitat evaluation. The tool is used to measure and rate the value of urban habitat using both qualitative assessment and quantitative data. The goal of the tool and guidance is to allow landowners and planners to develop properties for full use while protecting habitat and enhancing the aesthetics of the City and its environs for all its residents.

Methodologies of urban wildlife habitat assessment were comprehensively reviewed in this report.

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