Beaver Pond Natural Area Master Plan and Thornton Creek Restoration

Seattle Parks and Recreation (
Northgate, Seattle, WA

Beginning with a new master plan by The Watershed Company, Seattle Parks will enliven community use and engagement at Beaver Pond Natural Area while protecting sensitive features.

The master plan identified the most appropriate uses for different areas of the park based on access, natural features, adjacent land use, and citizen input. The Watershed Company delineated all critical areas throughout the park.

The Firm then designed the realignment of a portion of Thornton Creek and trail improvements. Additional improvements include native planting, a boardwalk, raingardens, and timber steps.

The Watershed Company oversaw construction during the summer of 2014.

Partners: Davido Consulting Group

Schematic plan section for Beaver Pond Natural Area

Detail of page 4 of schematic plan, showing a trail with spurs and native plantings.

Schematic plan section for the Beaver Pond Natural Area.

The schematic plan shows new access points and plantings.

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