Sarah Sandstrom, CFP, PWS, MSc

Fisheries Biologist

Sarah Sandstrom, Fisheries Biologist

Sarah’s work spans a range of wetland, stream, and estuarine projects.  When she’s not in the field, monitoring stream conditions or delineating wetlands, Sarah is working on watershed-scale planning, evaluating project effects on listed fish and wildlife, or developing creative approaches to restoration and mitigation.  Before joining Watershed in 2010, Sarah worked for WRIA 8, the National Marine Fisheries Service, the UC Davis Bodega Marine Laboratory, and other public sector organizations, where she gained experience in applied field research, salmon recovery planning, and implementation of the Endangered Species Act through collaborative stakeholder involvement.  Sarah serves as Advisory Board Member for the University of Washington’s Wetland Science and Management Program in Professional and Continuing Education. Water is her foundation for play as well as work; she enjoys stand-up paddleboarding, kiteboarding, surfing, and kayaking throughout northwest rivers, the Puget Sound, and the Pacific Ocean.

  • Certified Fisheries Professional
  • Professional Wetland Scientist
  • Master of Science degree in Aquatic and Fishery Sciences
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