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Another Successful Fish Relocation Season Comes to a Close

It’s the end of the Fish Relocation and Removal season and what a time it was!

Watershedders Greg Johnston, CFP, EIT; Sarah Sandstrom, CFP, PWS; and Ryan Kahlo, PWS, along with other staff, saved over 9,500 fish during various improvements projects across the Puget Sound area—including in the cities of Kirkland, Everett, Lakewood, Renton, and Issaquah, and King County.

Using “beach” seining, dipnetting, and electrofishing, we were able to save over 7,000 stickleback, 450 Cutthroat Trout, 380 Sculpin, 980 Lamprey, 500 Pumpkinseed Sunfish, and 35 coho salmon, including many others.

Don’t know what electrofishing is? Check out Greg’s blog on Electrofishing 101 (recommended especially for Ghostbuster wannabes!).